Shipping to Europe: €10. Rest of the world: €20


PLATÓNICA is a handmade jewelry brand from Granada, Spain. The original idea arose in 2003, fundamentally, as the result of an illusion and the desire to build a universe in common of its founders, Sheila Camarena and Miguel Diez Pombo. Since then, we have created contemporary signature jewels in which we merge our points of view.


Together we have created PLATÓNICA as a small living being, whom we feed, pamper and take care of on a daily basis. 

Miguel takes care of the more technical part of the workshop and the entire administrative part of the company.

Sheila is in charge of the creative part: prototype design, image, visual merchandising and photography.

Head and heart of PLATONICA or (in Platonic terms) world of ideas and world of things. Our passion is to create jewelry with a soul that tells stories that connect with ourselves and with the people who appreciate our work. We believe in the power of objects that are born being loved and in the energy that these transmit to those who wear them. 

There are many other collaborating people, occasionally or regularly. All of them in Andalusia. An ethical, localized and responsible jewelry. 


In the Carrera del Darro 8 store (Paseo de los Tristes) you can find all our collections, both those that are published on the web and unique pieces or collections that we manufacture exclusively for the physical store.

In this physical space we also have a small section of skin and local ceramics in which we accommodate the work of other Andalusian artisans whose work we admire. A careful selection of Andalusian crafts that, in our opinion, is among the best of the Andalusian art and craft scene.

We also have different points of sale, both in Spain and in other countries.