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All purchases made on our website (hereinafter by the client (hereinafter "the Client") will be subject to the General Purchase Conditions set forth in this document.  

If any aspect of the purchase is not contemplated in it, it will be regulated according to the legislation in force in Spain.  

The order made by the Customer implies their agreement and acceptance of these General Purchase Conditions. No stipulation made by the Client regarding these Purchase Conditions may differ from those established by Platónica Joyería, SL (hereinafter Platonic) All the information that appears on the web pages of referring to the articles, their characteristics, their prices, their purchase conditions including their forms and conditions of collection and payment may be modified by Platonic at any time and without prior notice, in order to promptly inform the general public of such changes.  

Some aspects of the current General Purchase Conditions may be varied by special agreement between the Client and Platonic. always with the express consent of Platonic


1.1 Except for typographical error or omission, the characteristics as well as the prices of the articles  arranged for sale are perfectly reflected in the different web pages that  make up the site 

1.2 The amount of the prices of the articles as well as any of their characteristics may be subject to review by Platonic at any time without having this  any obligation to notify such modifications to the Client by means other than the  display of such changes on their web pages. On the other hand, except for bug fixes  typographical, once the purchase of an item has been made,Platonic will commit to  maintain the current price to the Customer at the time he placed his order.  

1.3 TAXES:  

1.3.1 The prices that Platonic. Shown on their website include taxes. The  VAT (Value Added Tax), will be applicable only to Clients whose residence  is located within the specific application zones for this tax and when the  situation of the client so requires, respecting in any case, Spanish and European laws  referring to the same.  

1.3.2 Apart from the taxes applied in the sale, the customs systems of each country will apply  the corresponding tax charges.  

1.3.3 Due to its special tax regime, non-EU territories are considered areas  corresponding to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, therefore purchases made by  Residents of these territories are exempt from paying VAT (the cost of customs clearance and  import taxes are not included in the item price or shipping).  


2.1 It will be understood that the Client has read, understands and freely accepts these Conditions  General Purchase Terms when you place your order through the existing purchase forms in  the website of Platonic accepting (checking) the box provided for this purpose.  

2.2 Given that there are links on the web for the free viewing of the  present General Conditions of Purchase, these will also apply to the products 

requested through any means other than the Internet order form (by e-mail,  by phone, WhatsApp or in person).  

2.3 Platonic will always reserve the right to accept or deny at its own discretion  any request to purchase, extend, renew, modify or change any of the  articles displayed on their web pages.  

2.4 The Client affirms that both the own data, as well as the payment and shipping data provided to Platonic  They are real and trustworthy. If Platonic will check that some or all of said information is false, the purchase will be automatically canceled and the  Client will not be able to claim any refund regarding the expenses derived from the management.  

2.5 In the event that the Client provides data from a third person or entity when making the  purchase, the Customer will be solely responsible for the third person or entity knowing and  expressly accept such a situation. All liability for damages that may  derived from this fact will fall entirely on the Client, excluding Platonic.  from any liability.  

2.6 Any indication or query that the client states in the sections intended for  comments in the order or in subsequent communications will be taken as  merely informative and will not condition in any case the purchase made (the merchandise  requested, the method of payment, the delivery times, the delivery and by extension, any of the  present Purchase Conditions).  

2.7 Also  Platonic reserves the right to hold an order pending  Any information you need from the client. In this case, the delivery times will be delayed in  relation to the time that the client takes to answer.  


3.1 The Client is responsible for the payment of invoices even when a third party intervenes on behalf of the  Client, for which reason the responsibility when providing the authentication, access or identification data  to a third party is solely and exclusively of the Client. 

3.2 Platonic will issue the corresponding invoice for the products purchased and will be  sent to the Client by e-mail so that later and if he wishes, he can print it on  paper to dispose of it physically.  

3.3 In the event that there is a chargeback made on a credit card whose  cause of return was not due to an error directly attributable to Platonic, the client  will be charged with an additional fee of 5% on the value of the returned amount, which will make up  the expenses caused by both bank commissions and collection management. Said amount will be  charged to the Client in the terms and forms that Platonic deem appropriate.  

3.4 In any case Platonic always reserves the right to decline an order or  modify your form or type of payment as you deem appropriate.  


All payments will be made in EUROS and free of any bank commission or other expenses  derived from transactions. 

3.5.1 Payments by credit card charge (Authorized by the entity) This is the usual method of payment by card on the Internet. In this type of payment, the operation  is authorized by the issuer of the client's card through a connection through the  payment gateway (virtual POS) of the bank Platonic. The client will access a controlled environment in which it will directly provide said  entity the data of your card which will connect you with your bank/caja to authorize the operation.  In this way, the payment will be made directly, legitimately and securely, maintaining privacy.  of card information at all times. Credit card fraud is a crime, and Platonic, will take action  legal action against anyone who makes or attempts to make a fraudulent transaction or scam.  


4.1 The nature of each product and its characteristics selected by the Customer  will determine the period of time that elapses from when we receive the payment confirmation and the  date the product is received.  

4.2 On the web pages of we inform about the indicative delivery time  of each article which should always be considered and for all purposes as merely  informative exempting Platonic. of any responsibility derived in the case of  that these would not come to pass.  

4.3 In no case can any type of delay in the receipt of an order justify the  cancellation of the same or the request for compensation by the Client or third parties.  

4.4 The indicative deadlines indicated for the delivery of the products to the client will begin to count  always from the reception by Platonic of the actual confirmation of payment  of the total amounts, so until then the order will not begin to be managed. If he  proof or acceptance is received after 14:00 p.m., the processing of the order will be  will take place the next day.  

4.5 Orders placed on Fridays after 14:00 p.m. will be processed from Monday  of the following week. Orders placed on weekends will be processed from Monday  of the following week or on holidays will be processed on the business day immediately following this.  

4.6 Deliveries will be made carriage paid by the customer making the purchase.  

4.7 The delivery period described will not be effective in the event that the customer is not reachable at the place and time mentioned by himself, in which case the products will be understood as delivered if he is not at the address on the date and indicated place of delivery.  

4.8 Delivery times will also depend on the availability of each product. In orders for several items, a single shipment will be made that will correspond to the item whose delivery time is longer. These deadlines are indicative and Platonic will endeavor as much as possible to respect them.  

4.9 Any penalty clause for delay introduced by the Client in his order is without effect upon acceptance of these General Purchase Conditions.  

4.10 The delivery is considered made once the product is made available to the recipient by the carrier, the recipient having the obligation to verify the conditions in which

that receives the package to ensure that it is not damaged. If you detect any anomaly that could have been caused during transport and you are not satisfied, you must state it at that precise moment. You must notify your disagreement to Platonic no later than 24 hours after delivery of the items.  

4.11 The client will have 24 hours to verify the integrity of all the components of the product as well as verify that it includes all the accessories indicated in the article characteristics shown on the product pages. Platonic. After that time, the integrity and content of the product will be considered accepted.. If you have any other question, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail to or call us at 651008995. 

4.12 Deliveries to Spain (Peninsula and Balearic Islands)  

In this case the general delivery time is between 2 and 3 days. It may be less than this in most cases.  

 Orders will be sent through a Transport agency.  

4.13 Deliveries to Spain (Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla) and International  

The delivery time, in national purchases, is considered between 2 and 3 days and may be longer than this period. In international shipments, the delivery time can take 10 days. In this case, to ensure the delivery time, you should contact our commercial department through  


5.1. Platonic You represent and guarantee that you can sell your own products and those of third parties through your website and that you are in possession of sufficient means (both technical equipment and provision of services) for the complete sales process.  

5.2 Platonic does not grant guarantees about the results that may be obtained from the use of its products, nor about their full reliability or absence of errors.  

5.3 Platonic makes every effort to ensure that the information that appears on its web pages or documents is correct, but cannot guarantee the accuracy of the descriptions.  

5.4 All items are guaranteed in the manner and term established by the manufacturer (Platonic). The coverage, conditions and management of the guarantee of each product will always be those established by Platonic. The new regulations applied as of January 1, 2022 affect items sold as of that date, where the warranty period will be three years for any product and two for the supply of digital content or services.  

5.5 Any warranty offered by Platonic of the product will cease to be effective if the personnel of Platonic reliably verifies the manipulation by the client of its characteristics or, if any, the loss of integrity or rupture of the security links provided for this purpose.  

5.6 The risks regarding the integrity of the products are transferred to the Client from the moment of delivery.  

5.7 In any case Platonic reserves the right not to apply the guarantee of a product depending on the state in which it is returned. 

5.8 In addition to the reminder of the existence of a legal guarantee of conformity for the goods, the existence and conditions of after-sales services and commercial guarantees.  

5.9 Platonic guarantees that the information transactions carried out through the forms of its order pages are totally secure within the current technological framework. In the purchase forms, all operations that involve the transmission of personal data are carried out using a secure environment.  

NOTE: To help us improve our service. The customer service department has an after-sales service to solve any problem with our articles or shipments, through which we try to offer you fast and efficient attention, you can contact us through the e-mail or call us at 651008995 . 


Return address: Platónica Joyería, SL Carrera del Darro, 8. 18010. Granada.  There may be different circumstances to proceed with the return of an order.  

6.1 That the price marked on the article contains an error. In such a case, the staff  Platonic  will inform you of the new price and you will be asked if you wish to receive it.  

6.2 That the item received is damaged during transport. Upon receiving the merchandise, you must  make sure that the package is externally in good condition and does not show signs of having  received a blow. If so, you must reject the shipment and notify the shipping department.  Customer service for the next 24 hours.  

Once your order has been received, you must open it and check that the merchandise does not appear to be  shows no abnormality. To make an insurance claim, you must communicate before 24  hours after receipt of the product.  

6.3 Defective Goods. If the Client detects any defect in the article, he must notify Platonic Immediately.  

6.4 Right of withdrawal. The Client has 14 calendar days to execute the right of return or withdrawal. The procedure for the return must be carried out through the email: indicating us in the subject "Withdrawal" and you will receive the Form of  Withdrawal. You can also download it from our website. 

After 14 calendar days from the withdrawal date, the Client will not be able to exercise his right to exercise withdrawal.  

6.5 Likewise, and by accepting these General Purchase Conditions, the Customer is informed and accepts the following requirements to make the return:  

6.5.1 Be within the established period of 14 calendar days.  

6.5.2 The product must be in perfect condition, including everything that is attached to the purchase of said item.  

6.5.3 The item must not have been used. 

6.5.4 In any case, the serial number of the product must correspond to the one that appears in the files of Platonic since all our pieces are photographed and marked.  

6.5.5 The return of the product will always be managed by a transport agency if it is due to a defect in the item and according to the instructions that will be sent to proceed with the return. It will not be possible to make the return directly at our facilities without prior notice.  

6.5.6 It must be accompanied by the invoice issued together with the item being returned.  

6.5.7 The item must be perfectly packaged to avoid damage and incidents during transport.  

6.5.8 The packaging of the product may not be used as a postal package.  

6.5.9 In cases where our after-sales department detects that the returned product has been improperly handled by the Customer, the return will not be accepted, and if accepted, the entire amount paid for the purchase will not be refunded.  

6.5.10 In the case of return, the full transport and management costs are borne by the Client.  

6.5.11 The refund of the amount will be made in the same way in which the payment was made in a maximum time of 14 days, from the moment the item is received at our facilities and its status is checked.  

6.6 In general, only returns that have been previously authorized by  Platonic and as long as they comply with the return conditions expressed in this document. Once authorized, you will be told how to do it and the conditions for the return to be accepted.  

6.7 In case of change and not withdrawal, if the amount of the new items is higher than that of the items that are returned, then you will only have to pay the difference, if the amount is lower, Platonic will refund the difference in the same way that you made the payment or will issue a voucher for that amount, according to the Customer's choice.  


7.1 Platonic is not responsible for what is exclusively attributable to the  Client.  

7.2 Platonic cannot guarantee continuous availability and delivery times  of the products offered on its website. The Customer agrees to assume within the limits  reasons, delays and imperfections in the delivery service or in the availability of the product if these situations will come to pass.  

7.3 Platonic shares the work of the process of selling and distributing your items with other providers (management, transport...etc), so if there were any problems or delays, in  Under no circumstances should Platónica Joyería, SL be held responsible for such process.

7.4 Therefore, with the acceptance of these Purchase Conditions, the Customer waives  expressly to claim any responsibility, contractual or extra-contractual, damages and  damages to Platonic for possible problems, delays in delivery or cancellations of  purchases if that were the case. 

7.5 Platonic does not accept responsibilities derived from the sale of its products, for  loss or interruption of business, for not meeting customer expectations or for any  other damage to the Client or third parties.  

7.6 The use that the Client makes of the purchased products is the sole responsibility of the Client,  in such a way that Platonic is not responsible in any way (neither direct nor  subsidiary) of any direct or indirect damage that the Client may cause to himself or to  third parties for such use.  

7.7 Products purchased on Platonic by the Client should not be used  for immoral purposes or that may harm the sensitivity of third parties (of a  radical, violent, racist or xenophobic, defamatory or others that by their nature harm or  discriminate against any person or group of people, ethnic groups, ideologies, sex, age, condition  social or economic). The use that any person makes of the products acquired in Platonic must always be framed within the framework of legality. Through the  present document, the Client expressly exempts Platonic any product  responsibility derived from the use of its products.  

7.8 Under no circumstances Platonic, managers, senior officials, administrators, shareholders,  agents or workers dependent on it will incur any responsibility for direct or  indirectly related to the use made by the Customer of the purchased product.   


8.1 The Client undertakes to always keep the e-mail address operative, active and updated.  supplied in your order for fluid communications withPlatonic , in as much as  is the preferred means of communication Platonic for agile management and without  problems in the sales management process.  

8.2 If the Client wishes to change the contact e-mail address provided when making his purchase  must do so through e-mail communication, complying with security requirements  demanded by Platonic in order to verify the legitimacy of the request, so  that at no time is the communication between both parties interrupted.  

8.3 On the Client will fall all responsibility for the consequences that the lack of  operability of your e-mail address or that the absence of communication for updating  said data in our records could produce. 

8.4 In the event that individual registration and authentication data are assigned to the Client for  their legitimated access to the web pages of Platonic (such as username,  keys or passwords), this will be solely responsible for its use, protection and maintenance of  your confidentiality. The use of these identifiers and their communication to third parties  persons, it will be produced under the sole responsibility of the Client, the latter being responsible for  end of purchases, communications or actions carried out using said data.  


9.1 The Client under 14 years of age needs the consent of his parents, guardians or representatives  legal requirements for making the purchase at The Client acknowledges to be  over 14 years of age or have the corresponding consent of their parents, guardians or  legal representatives to make purchases and payments through the pages of Platonic.

9.2 The Client will indemnify Platonic for all expenses that may occur in the  case of being imputed by the Client (or by third parties related to the Client due to the  purchase), in any cause whose responsibility was not directly attributable, including in  such compensation the fees and expenses of attorneys for Platonic, even when  the court decision was not final.  

9.3 In matters not provided for in this document, as well as in the interpretation and resolution of conflicts  that may arise between the parties as a consequence of the same, the legislation will apply.  Spanish.  

9.4 If any conflict or difference arises between the buying and selling parties in the  interpretation and execution of this document, and it is not resolved by mutual agreement, it will be  resolved at the request of either party and after written communication to the other,  through arbitration.  

9.5 The Client has the possibility of resolving possible incidents that arise when purchasing an item through the link to the ODR platform, (Online Dispute Resolution - Resolution of  

Online Disputes) or by clicking on   

9.6 These General Contract Conditions are governed by Spanish law. The parties submit, for the resolution of conflicts that may arise, to the courts and tribunals of the User's domicile, to the place of fulfillment of the obligation or to the place where the property is located if it is immovable.