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It is never too late to start a blog, Hello!

What if. Came the day. We have been mulling over the idea of ​​inaugurating this new way of communicating with you and today we have finally started to take the step.  

To those of you who already know us, well in person in our physical store of Paseo de los Tristes; good because you know our work because you have seen it in one of our points of sale; well through the social media (mainly through Instagram, which is where we most actively participate), we salute you. We are glad that you are part of this new meeting point.

For those of you who come to this section as a first means of approaching our work, we present ourselves: We are an artisan jewelry workshop in Granada, Spain. When we try to define our work we usually talk about contemporary signature jewelry, because all our designs are unique and original and start from a personal look at everything that makes up our creative universe. We believe in the emotional value of jewelry beyond the material value of the materials used. We maintain a ethical, conscious and totally localized production in Andalusia.

Jewelry shop. Grinding technique

We hope that this space will become a place for inspiration in which to tell you in a more textual format what is the creative process behind our collections, which places inspire us when designing them and many things. more, that will emerge little by little over time.

Everyone, welcome!

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